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As we all get excited for the four year legacy of the Summer Olympics to kick off, we are seeing brands bolt out of the marketing starting blocks before the races even begin.  This marketing mayhem event is bigger than Super Bowl Sunday and Black Friday combined!  In the past, we have seen brands lead the way with traditional advertising during the Olympic seasons.

Take a look at some of these oldies but goodies.





But what’s next for brands?

The London 2012 Summer Olympics has lit the torch for big brands to enter themselves into a new Olympic game called… (insert Star Wars sound effects) social media. This year’s Olympics has even been dubbed, by many, the “first ever Social Olympics.”  Olympic lovers will finally have instant access to their gold medal hopefuls! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest all have Olympic fever!

Let’s take a look at how a few brands are interacting with users for this year’s 2012 London Summer Olympics through social media:




P & G

It’s not just brands getting involved; athletes are taking advantage of this real-time experience to interact with their fans.

Check out a few athletes who are starting the buzz!





It should be a very interesting advertising season for brands, athletes, and fans everywhere as I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Summer Olympics hashtagged, tweeted, liked, pinned, and shared like we’ve never seen before.  All I have to say is “Let the games begin.”

+Anna Lea Crowe Social Media Strategist at Webhead Interactive.

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